E-PAL Highlights
Release 1.0.0

EKC's Personal Access List Facility

E-PAL provides fast and easy assignment of dataset or resource access
without impacting current user access, security implementation, or established security policy.

E-PAL Highlights

  • Reduces potential exposures and outages caused by improper access privilege modifications to IBM-RACF or CA-ACF2 resident security systems ("RSS") for special or temporary access.
  • RESUME/SUSPEND for each access list entry allows access to start and stop automatically.
  • E-PAL access list changes are automatically retained for an installation specified period of time before being deleted. This permits instant online recovery to a previous access level.
  • Journals to SMF, and writes to the system log all access denials, and accesses requested to be journaled.
  • Provides programs to report on E-PAL accesses, and access lists.
  • Uses a set of VSAM databases compatible across systems. Updates are automatically backed up in a backup file, and online recovery using E-PAL ISPF screens is standard.
  • The E-PAL VSAM database may be used to house disaster recovery special access permissions.
  • Only exceptional access is controlled by E-PAL All users must have a valid IBM-RACF or CA-ACF2 userid to access systems.

More Information on E-PAL

E-PAL Product Information
E-PAL Version 1.0.0 Product Announcement (PDF)
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For more information on E-PAL, e-mail our Sales Department at: sales@ekcinc.com.