Release 1.1.1

EKC's Personal Access List Facility

E-PAL provides fast and easy assignment of dataset or resource access
without impacting current user access, security implementation, or established security policy.

E-PAL Benefits

  • Reduces potential exposures and outages caused by improper access modifications
  • Requires NO change to the security database
  • Administration is via TSO ISPF
  • Access changes automatically take effect
  • NO IPL Required
  • Requires the installation of ETF/A for CA-ACF2 or ETF/R for IBM RACF

More Information on E-PAL

E-PAL Product Features
E-PAL Version 1.1.1 Product Announcement (PDF)
PTFs, Product Support Status, and Compatibility Information

For more information on E-PAL, e-mail our Sales Department at: sales@ekcinc.com.