About Us

Our Mission:
"To provide the best products and services to the Information Security Community."

EKC is uniquely positioned to solve tough Information Security issues as they relate to mainframe legacy systems, with particular focus on e-Business applications.   Our suite of software products has been developed by a team of experts with a broad range of experience.   We recognize that although our mission has remained the same over the years, security technology and practices have changed dramatically and we continue to grow to meet these challenges.

EKC products are needed more than ever to aid the Information Security Specialist. Our software enhances security system products and includes tools to improve the efficiency of CA-ACF2 administration ETF/A, HIPAA compliant emergency Firecall access for CA-ACF2, RACF, CA-TopSecret users ( ETF/A, ETF/R), automated password reset and synchronization across CA-ACF2, RACF, and/or CA-TopSecret system(s) ( E-Help Desk ), comprehensive security reporting ( E-SRF ), and client/server security API ( E-SME ). New releases of these products assist clients in remaining at the forefront of security technology.

EKC, Inc. was founded in 1985 by Eberhard Klemens, one of the original authors of CA-ACF2, and is headquartered in Rosemont, Illinois.   EKC's core values of Fairness, Integrity, Honesty, and Honor are the backbone of this company and have steered its growth into a respected leadership role in the Information Security community. Our clients span the globe and the majority are Fortune 500 corporations.

One constant in our ever-changing world of Information Security is the vital need to protect company data, which is every business's most valuable intangible asset.   In our current business atmosphere of decreased staffing along with an increased concern for security, EKC is committed to meeting the need for well-trained Information Security Professionals and cost-effective, efficient security software.