Release 1.2.1

EKC's Automated Password Reset and Synchronization facility

E-HelpDesk automates the basic processes that normally requires a call to a Security Support or Help Desk facility.

Many calls to your Help Desk center can be now eliminated when users
have the ability to reset a forgotten password in a controlled manner.

E-HelpDesk Benefits

  • Alleviates large number of phone calls to Help Desk
  • IBM RACF, CA-ACF2, and CA-TopSecret - Any Combination
  • Uses the standard CA-ACF2 and RACF Password History
  • Fully automates the process of resetting a password
  • Resumes a userid revoked due to password violations
  • VTAM panels for ease-of-use
  • Synchronizes new passwords across all mainframe systems
  • Uses the same event logging as standard CA-ACF2, CA-Top Secret, and IBM-RACF facilities
  • Windows based User Interface for password resets

More Information about E-HelpDesk

E-HelpDesk Product Features
E-HelpDesk Version 1.1.2 Product Announcement (PDF)
E-HelpDesk Brochure (PDF)
An E-HelpDesk Success Story (PDF)
PTFs, Product Support Status, and Compatibility Information
Sample Screen that allow user to reset own password and synchronizes it from IBM-RACF <-> CA-ACF2 (PDF)

For more information on E-HelpDesk, e-mail our Sales Department at: sales@ekcinc.com.