Release 1.1.0

EKC Security Classification & Categorization

E-SCC provides a GUI interface to visualize and manipulate the E-SRF Access Analysis results. The security professional can explore the data from a user, role or resource perspective. E-SCC develops and manipulates role structures letting the user create and improve role based access policies.

E-SCC Benefits

  • Bring the power of a GUI to visualize E-SRF Access Analysis results
  • View access data from the user or resource perspective
  • Develop an initial set of roles based on unique user accesses identified by E-SRF
  • Refine roles to meet role based administration policies
  • Generate new CA-ACF2 role sets or RACF groups and permits

More Information about E-SCC

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E-SRF and E-SCC with CA-ACF2 White Paper
Sample screens to analyze and graphically display E-SRF Access Analysis results

For more information on E-SCC, e-mail our Sales Department at: sales@ekcinc.com.