E-SRF: Access Analysis
Release 2.4.4

Reports on who has access to your resources

Informs you as to what  could  be accessed based on your security system's definitions.

Analyzes and reports on access controls as they are defined and used

E-SRF Access Analysis reports are produced individually for a specific established security environment. These reports provide a method to report on who has access to what resources at the user level and at the resource level. This information may be reported individually or logically grouped together.

Managers may use these reports to determine what critical business information their employees are able to view and modify. Reports meet Audit standards as they are non-modifiable and one-way encrypted.

Summary and Detailed Report Formats

The summary format presents a list of users with access to a dataset or resource with type of access marked. Detail format shows the specific environment under which access is granted. If special criteria or restrictions are included in access rights, they can be viewed on the detail report format.

OpenEdition Resources Reports

Access Analysis reports are available to identify "Who has access?" to OpenEdition Resources. They show the type of access and the reason the User received those access rights.

e-Trust CA-ACF2 (CA-ACF2)* Change Control

The Proposed Rule Processor report compares existing security rules with proposed changes to quickly identify the effect a rule change would have.

Differences Reports

Database and System Differences reports compare data across security databases. These types of reports are extremely valuable when evaluating multiple systems to determine who or what is different on each system.

More Information about E-SRF

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