Release 2.4.4

EKC's Security Reporting Facility

A comprehensive security reporting facility for IBM-RACF and CA-ACF2
designed specifically for Information Security and Audit professionals.

The power and sophistication behind E-SRF is found in the two facets of the product:

Access Analysis and Event Reporting

E-SRF Overview

  • E-SRF database contains historical and current data
  • Pre-defined, ready-to-go reports
  • Customizable reports allowing greater flexibility
  • Provides standardized security reporting across security systems
  • Security product-specific reports for access analysis
  • Detail and summary formats available
  • Specialized grouping to ease report distribution
  • E-SRF statistical reporting for further security event evaluation
  • Supports CA-ACF2 and IBM-RACF
  • Reports especially for Information Security and Audit professionals

E-SRF Benefits

  • Reports designed to be understood by anyone with the requirement for this type of information
  • Potential to save enormous amounts of time when reviewing security system controls and journalized events
  • Addresses management and audit requirements associated with security administration reporting and evaluation
  • Unique grouping facility provides ability to custom tailor reports
  • Produces easy to read reports by attempting to eliminate security system abbreviations, jargon and codes
  • Report requestor can control information to be displayed

More Information about E-SRF

E-SRF Access Analysis Module
E-SRF Event Reporting Module
E-SRF Version 2.4.4 Product Announcement (PDF)
E-SRF Brochure (PDF)
E-SRF General Information Guide (PDF)
PTFs, Product Support Status, and Compatibility Information
Sample reports on potential access by user or by resource for CA-ACF2 and IBM-RACF (PDF)
Sample reports on journalized events for CA-ACF2 and IBM-RACF (PDF)

For more information on E-SRF, e-mail our Sales Department at: sales@ekcinc.com.



"I love these reports, they are incredible, and that is just the canned ones so far..."

- A U.S. state governmant agency

"The newer release is giving me everything I need. I appreciate all you've done. The product allows me to give much better reporting than I would be able to do with only the generic ACF2 reports."

- Connie Strobel, Information Security Solutions

Time savings...

"The time savings with E-SRF are tremendous.   With everything that E-SRF offers I am able to run reports in 10 minutes versus the 6 hours it would take for me to do it manually."

- Technical Advisor of Mainframe Security from a major pharmaceutical services company

"I save at least a couple of hours per ID.   E-SRF is a HUGE timesaver."

- Supervisor of Data Security from a major provider of technology solutions to the financial world

"E-SRF enabled us to replace over 700 location/application based resource access report jobs with 40 application based jobs providing the equivalent information.   This had a great impact on reducing CPU cycles and reducing the support staff hours to maintain these jobs.   We were also able to replace almost 300 event reporting jobs with one E-SRF event report, resulting in a huge saving in I/O processing against SMF data."

- ITS Senior Analyst II from a leading global health and hygiene company

Achieving automation of SOX requirements...

"I have canned reports now.   I just go in and change the title to reflect each quarter.   It's nice because it gives a breakdown of the IDs for each property that we have.   Then, all I have to do is e-mail the reports."

- Ron Heiser, Tribune Media Net

Costs savings...

"Overall, with these reports, cost savings are realized in the fact that we stay out of problems."

- Team Leader of Data Access from a major investment firm