Release 1.8.3

EKC's Security Tools Facility for CA-ACF2

ETF/A is a powerful application that provides
Emergency Access and Security Administrator/Auditor tools
designed to improve the efficiency of CA-ACF2 security administration.

ETF/A Benefits

  • Reduces outages caused by improper rule modification
  • Eliminates down time through real-time recovery
  • Automates ACF2 rule maintenance
  • Streamlines & cleans up the ACF2 VSAM databases
  • Removes potential exposures caused by old rules
  • Controls access to special privileges
  • Permits any Logonid to have multiple UID strings
  • Permits any Logonid to have a special "Firecall" UID
  • SAF controlled dynamic ISPF Menu Option provides control of administrative functions
  • Rule optimization feature provides a way to manage large NEXTKEY chains
  • EKC common code base support for Intrusion Detection

More Information about ETF/A

ETF/A Product Features and Updates
ETF/A Version 1.8.3 Product Announcement (PDF)
ETF/A's Firecall Facility
ETF/A Change Summary and Release Guide (PDF)
PTFs, Product Support Status, and Compatibility Information
ETF/A Firecall: Auditable pre-defined emergency access for CA-ACF2
Sample screens that enable modeling access for one user after that of another (PDF)
Sample screens that recover only those records you need from CA-ACF2 backup files (PDF)

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