ETF/A Features and Updates
Release 1.8.2

EKC's Security Tools Facility for CA-ACF2

ETF/A is a powerful application that provides Emergency Access
and Security Administrator/Auditor tools
designed to improve the efficiency of CA-ACF2 security administration.

Firecall Facility for Emergency Access
"Firecall" permits an installation to grant various special emergency privileges to authorized logonids in a controlled fashion. A special firecall UID may be implemented, as well as control of NON-CNCL, SECURITY, AUDIT, READALL, and password reset privileges. All usage of this facility is logged. A Firecall report program is also provided.

More Information About ETF/A

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ETF/A Product Information
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ETF/A Brochure (PDF)
ETF/A's Firecall Facility
ETF/A Change Summary and Release Guide (PDF)
PTFs, Product Support Status, and Compatibility Information

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