Release 1.3.4

EKC's Security Tools Facility for IBM-RACF

ETF/R is a systems software product designed to ease the
administration and management of emergency situations.

ETF/R Benefits

  • Controls access in special "high access" capabilities
  • Eliminates use of "secret envelope" tactics
  • Invoked by the user
  • Accountability remains with the user
  • All invocation and usage journaled to SMF
  • Automatic twenty-four hour timeout
  • SYSPLEX-wide scope
  • TSO/ISPF display of current "Firecall" activity
  • Reporting Utilities provided
  • Security database Analysis tools provided
  • EKC common code base support for Intrusion Detection

More Information about ETF/R

ETF/R Product Features and Updates
ETF/R Version 1.3.4 Product Announcement (PDF)
ETF/R Brochure (PDF)
ETF/R's Firecall Facility
PTFs, Product Support Status, and Compatibility Information
Samples of auditable pre-definded emergency access for IBM-RACF (PDF)

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