Additional EKC Products

ESSF/R - EKC Security Services Facility for IBM RACF

  • RACF Profile Archival & Real-Time Recovery
  • Profile Cloning
  • Profile Maintenance & Repair Facility

This product has powerful features to assist you when using IBM's RACF.  Automatic profile archival and real-time recovery, user cloning, and profile maintenance, make ESSF the product to use in the RACF environment.  Also, by linking multiple userids for a single user together, password changes become less painful for your users - changing one changes them all!

E-PAL - Special Access Assignment

Allows fast and easy assignment of dataset or resource access without impacting current user access, security implementation, or established security policy. E-PAL is designed to control additional access for special projects, or temporary access for consultants, without any modifications to either CA-ACF2 rules, or IBM-RACF profiles. All access granted under E-PAL may be broader, or more restrictive, than what is otherwise permitted. SMF records are produced and a program is provided to report successful access, as well as access denied.

E-SME - Security Management Extensions Facility

Enterprise programming interface to provide remote administration of CA-ACF2 and IBM-RACF users through desktop applications. TCP/IP communications are encrypted and coded to ensure that only authorized applications may access the enterprise even over a non-secure connection.

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