EKC Product Facilities

EKC is pleased to provide a series of additional informational displays and optional facilities to enhance the usefulness of our software programs.

These extra features have been included as additional software with some of the program products from EKC. In general they consist of the following services and programs.

EKCM-Problem Determination IPCS Interface Routines

The EKC problem determination IPCS Interface Routines produce handy dump information of interest to both the installation's systems programming staff and EKC Technical Support.   Collectively referred to as "EKCM" by our support personnel, these programs interface with IBM IPCS dump routines to format information specific to EKC products, and/or CA-ACF2 or IBM-RACF.   These routines serve as additional diagnostic aids when problems are reported.

EKC Security Heartbeat Facility

The EKC Security Heartbeat Facility monitors SMF record traffic to verify the integrity of SMF data.   This facility is automatically introduced into the OS390/zOS/MVS environment by our security software program products.   It is used by EKC's Security Reporting Facility ("E-SRF") to verify that the SMF data being processed is complete and has no "gaps."

EKC Date Conversion Display

EKC Date Display provides a quick means of determining a date.   This is particularly useful where the date information is not in an easily determinable "human" format such as in a system dump, SMF record, etc.

EKC Message Retention Facility

The Message Retention Facility buffers messages returned from various EKC software programs.   The messages may then be viewed at a later time.   However, these messages are only retained for the life of an ISPF session.   Once that particular ISPF session is ended, all messages are removed.   Multiple occurrences and any mix in any order of EKC software usage is supported so long as they occur within the same ISPF session. ISPF "split screen" mode is supported.   These sessions will each record only their split messages.   Such messages will not be viewable from the other split screen session(s).

EKCM is now distributed with ETF/A, ETF/R, and E-PAL.   Other EKC products will also soon come with EKCM routines.

For more information on EKC Product Facilities, e-mail our Sales Department at: sales@ekcinc.com