EKC's Automated Emergency Access Facility

The EKC Firecall Facility provides a means of controlling access to sensitive resources during emergency situations. This facility may be used to grant special privileges or accesses to specific users who have pre-defined emergency access authorization. The Firecall Facility pre-authorizes userids to dynamically change their privileges as the need arises, and journals all such activity. Also available is the strong reporting feature that provides a means of reporting Firecall loggings. Available through both ETF/A and ETF/R.

Firecall is currently avaliable for the following security systems:

Firecall Benefits
  • The Firecall facility is available in both ETF/A and ETF/R products.

  • Firecall shared DASD support

  • Emergency read all access

  • Emergency password reset

  • Automatic cancel of Firecall session

  • Immediate activation of security privileges

  • Emergency "universal all" access

  • Password re-verification